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November 11, 2013
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The Steadfast Sapphire by Blaze-Drag The Steadfast Sapphire by Blaze-Drag
Another RWBY inspired weapon. This time something that, if I were to grow up in this world and work out more (and given the various rules of the world regarding momentum, weight, etc.) I would design to use myself. This one has 3 main forms. The Primary form is the Sniper Rifle on top, Secondary being the Minigun on the bottom, and on the right is the BFS mode. 

The idea is that I'd mostly be staying out of direct combat by sniping from a good distance away. The Rounds would be loaded individually with a few Dust rounds on my belt for when a special package needs to be delivered. The Scope would be built into my headgear to be lowered and adjusted for use manually. When Quantity is preferred over Quality the barrel collapses into a minigun and I load in a belt to feed ammo from a backpack. I'd still try to keep my distance, but the Minigun happens to have a flurry of blades rotating with it. Finally, if I really need to go melee, 2 segments stack together on each side to make a large sword that can spread apart to make use of redirected recoil through muzzle-brakes to enhance the swings, since I'm not going to be the fasted slinger in the west. Basically my fighting strategy boils down to staying calm and collected from a distance, and panicking when anything gets close to me. The backpack ammo would also be able to function as cover if necessary by simply taking it off and laying it on the ground. 

Specifics on each mode: (WIP)

Segments: The Weapon mostly consists of 4 specialized barrel/blade segments that are able to stack on top of each other, with a few moving parts depending on what arrangement the segments are currently in. They're controlled mechanically with the forward grip lever acting as a switch to activate each mode depending on its position. There are also a couple buttons on the forward lever that do a couple extra functions depending on the mode.

Sniper Rifle: All 4 segments arranged end to end with the blade tucked in and upwards. Rounds are loaded individually just in front of the grip, and are longer than the other rounds the weapon takes in other forms, with a bigger charge and occasionally a dust payload. While it's possible to use it as a very long sword in this form, it's usually not very practical. However the recoil can be used to pole vault high into the air to reach higher ground. The scope is worn on my headgear and rests on a small mount on the weapon when sniping. Otherwise it's just a big, fancy monocular when using the other forms of the weapon.

Minigun: All 4 segments collapse back into the base and arrange themselves in 90 degree angles of each other the blades go up and release their extended tips. Then I connect the ammo belt from my backpack to the feed, usually while it's transforming to save time. The backpack holds only ammo for the minigun, so it's got a bunch of rounds, however they're bound to run out soon enough. As a nice secondary function the blades on each barrel are still quite effective, and the gun can spin up without firing rounds, turning it into a nice drill-like flurry of blades; just in case things get a little too close.

BFS: The final form has 2 segments stack on 2 other segments on opposite sides of the minigun feed and the blades folded downward and the tops extend out. Clips are loaded into the primary and secondary feed for the minigun and use it's firing mechanisms, although without spinning the barrels. This is the most melee oriented form, however it's still on the slow side due to weight. While technically at least one side could use the ammo belt to load in rounds, it's more practical to have the clip loaded in. One or both barrels of the gun can be fired at once if a ranged attack is still needed in short order. This mode is also good on defense as the blade is mostly solid so it's good as a makeshift shield as needed. It has a secondary sub-form though; the blades spread apart to give the muzzle-brakes room to rotate and close off one side, allowing it to redirect the recoil towards one side or the other. This sacrifices the solidity of the blade, losing some defense, in exchange allowing the user to fire rounds to speed up its swings.

Backpack (Not Pictured): The simplest part of the weapon, although still required with the minigun. Primarily to hold hundreds of rounds, but also has a very solid backing to serve as protection. It can be taken off and laid on its side, the top and bottom extending slightly, to serve as makeshift cover as needed. 

Collapsed form: The most condensed that I could get it down to for storage purposes only.

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Despon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
Hi, this is /u/Imosa1 from Reddit, yeah you really need to write up a character. Judging by a few of your weapon ideas, you've got a pretty cool thing going here.
Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
well the thing is that I don't write much, and i can only really draw weapons, not people. So I tend to not do characters, at least not in a long time. I am currently trying to come up with something for this particular weapon though. Since the weapon was originally designed by and for myself, He's gonna have a lot of my principals, but I'll try to avoid making it a self-insert as much as possible.

But yeah, I love designing fancy and random weapons, RWBY just happens to be the perfect theme for that right now.
Despon Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I know that feel. The weapons are the biggest reason I like RWBY.
zorrodefender6 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
cool weapon i actually have a RWBY weapon idea aswell but im not a artist abit sad but eh thats life eh?

Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
What's the weapon concept? if it pikes my interest enough I might be willing to draw it.
zorrodefender6 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
i'll tell you via notes

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