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Pathor Revolver by Blaze-Drag Pathor Revolver by Blaze-Drag
Warning: I don't actually know anything about guns other than that occasionally bullets come out of them.

Designed by the Dragonborn Barbarian Gunslinger Pathor C. Killmuch of the Eastwood Tribe,
This gun was designed with not much other than Strength and firepower in mind. It consists of 2 revolvers and a Dragon-pistol. The 2 revolvers are cocked from the single hammer and fired from a 2 stage trigger, allowing him to fire 1 round at a time to conserve ammo or fire both at once to maximize damage. The Dragon-Pistol, which is basically a small blunderbuss, is fired from the forward trigger and usually stocked with pellets for a short-range wider area attack. Seeing as this is basically 3 guns stuck together, it takes considerably more strength than normal to wield them effectively, especially when firing a lot of shots in short order.

This gun was designed with Pathfinder specifically in mind, combining guns in that system, as in my opinion they could use a few more exotic guns given the type of exotic things they have for other weapon classes.

Stats (WIP)
Cost: 7,750 G
Weight: 9lbs
Damages, capacity, range, and misfire chances act as the same as either a Revolver or Dragon pistol as appropriate.

Special: Can be shot either 1 at a time, or both revolvers at once with a -4 penalty on both attacks. Both shots must target the same creature when fired in this way. Alternatively the Dragon Pistol may be fired, but not as part of the same attack as the revolvers. (As in you can not do a double shot with a revolver and the dragon pistol in a single attack) The Revolvers and Dragon Pistol are treated as separate guns for the purposes of reloading. Although the Dragon Pistol is normally a primitive firearm and is reloaded as such, it is treated as an advanced firearm for misfires. Each gun treats misfires individually. The revolvers take metal cartridges and the Dragon Pistol takes either a bullet or pellets and a dose of black powder or a single alchemical cartridge.

This might also make a good unique gun to be found in a campaign as it's a bit random, although I'd add some enchantments in that case.
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ZombieArt Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
needs more gun
Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
It's hard when you're limited not only by fantasy technology, but also by it needing to be one handed. Nevertheless, my quest for more gun shall never end...

Besides, if you're really want some more dakka:…
ZombieArt Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
yeah look into guns on google more it will help but its a good looking revolver non the less but more gun is alwase better lol
Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
yeah, google is pretty much the source of all of my knowledge on guns so far...
ZombieArt Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
hmm well guns aren't terribly complicated. but watching videos and getting some experience with them at a local gun club can help
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October 8, 2013
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