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Hack Series: Combi-Blade Model #2 by Blaze-Drag Hack Series: Combi-Blade Model #2 by Blaze-Drag
This is a revised version of the original Combi-Blade. Instead of taking a bunch of weapons and attaching them to each other and basically just holding them all at once, this version actually integrates the various different weapons into its systems, making a single weapon capable of a variety of functions. Shown here are the different modes of the sword. From left to right; Chain-Mode, Power-Mode, and Ballistic-Mode.

The included weapons are as follows:
-Chainsword (With Flame Mod)
-Power Sword
-Tox Sword w/ 2x10 uses
-Two (2) Compact Storm Bolters w/ 30 Rounds
-Two (2) Lasguns w/ 30 Charges, or 1 Hotshot Charge
-Two (2) Shuriken Pistols w/ 40 Rounds
-Four (4) High-Caliber Short-Range Solid-Projectile Guns
-Hand Flamer w/ 6 Units of fuel (2 Units per shot, 1 Unit per Flame Mod Use)

It's default mode (On the left) is also known as "Chain-Mode" as it primarily functions as a Chainsword. Visible on the outside are 2 compact storm bolters, and they can be operated in this mode. If the Sword has only the lasguns deployed and no other weapons out, it can switch back to this mode with the lasguns still engaged and operable. The Flamer at the top of the weapon is also operable in this mode. The user can switch the chainsword to "Flame-Mode" which sheaths the already deadly chain in fire, using fuel from the flamer. This only works in short bursts to conserve fuel, but can be used to severely burn targets and potentially light them on fire nonetheless. Each use of this uses up 1 Unit of fuel stored.

The alternate mode is "Power-Mode," (middle) which moves large blades from the side of the weapon to cover up the chain and reveal the rest of the weapons stored in the center of the sword. The Blades are locked into place with several mag-seals, which allow the sword to be extremely sharp and effective against non-primitive targets, but not quite as sharp as a mono-sword. However the blade's sharpness is not the primary function of this mode, as the blade can be used with either a Tox Dispenser, or a Power Unit. The Tox Dispenser uses a series of micro-dispensers to coat the blade in poisons. Stored in the cross-guard of the blade are 2 tanks of poison; typically one being designed to kill whatever it gets into as fast as possible, and the other being a paralytic, but otherwise non-lethal. The type of poison can be chosen as the mode is engaged. Power-Mode cloaks the blades in a strong power field, turning the blades effectively into power swords, and making them very effective against armored targets. Tox cannot be dispensed while in power-mode as the poison would be dissolved by the power field surrounding the blade. The Power field can be toned down slightly though, which can turn the blade into a Shock-Sword instead, which makes it so that the blade sends down an electric pulse to anything it hits. If this is done, then the Tox Dispenser can be used again.

Finally the last mode is ballistic mode, (seen on the right in side-view) which can only be activated while the blade is in Power-Mode. Typically in this mode the blades cannot be used as power sword in order to reduce the risk of damaging the guns. In this mode the Lasguns, Shuriken Pistols, and Solid-Projectile guns can be used. The Lasguns rotate out, putting one gun on the top and bottom of the blade firing along the center. The Shuriken Pistols rotate outwards on top of the blade to the left and right, and automatically load their clips into place. The solid projectile guns flip out underneath the blade with 2 barrels to the left and 2 more on the right. The guns are positioned purposely so that they can all be fired at once without interfering with each other, if necessary. The Guns must be deactivated and stored in order to switch back to normal Power-Mode, or to be able to use Chain-Mode at all. However as mentioned before, the Lasguns can remain deployed.

Other Details:
The Solid Projectile Gun typically only carries special ammunition, with a different shot in each of its 4 barrels. Typically the user would not want to miss with these shots as much as the target doesn't want to get hit by them. These rounds are:

Snare Shot - Explodes on impact into a mess of ensnaring sticky filaments that are designed to trap the target
Toxic Shot - Contains a deadly payload that poisons whatever it hits from within
Acid Round - Contains a vial of powerful acids, strong enough to melt flesh to the bone in seconds, or significantly reduce the effectiveness of any armor it comes in contact with
Organ-Grinder Rounds - Designed to do serious damage from within any target hit by this round. It is designed to burrow deep into the body after impact and release various spines to do as much damage as possible over time and make itself hard to remove.

Obviously the gun's 4 barrels can be loaded with any combination of ammo, but the standard load is one of each shot, but there are other common loads, like 2 acid rounds and 2 toxic rounds.

The Lasguns get their ammunition from powercells stored within the blade, and as such contain as much ammo as a normal las-pistol. However the powercells are able to dump all their energy for each gun into a single powerful shot called a "Hotshot Charge." This makes the guns much more effective against armored targets, but only allows for each gun to fire a single time.


Okay Real-talk, I designed this sword to continue along with the types of things my character Hack would design if given the time to do so. Everything is heavily based directly off Warhammer 40k imperial technology, however I took a few liberties with a few things the imperium probably wouldn't approve, like the use of Eldar-style technology for the shuriken pistols for one. But Hack sorta stopped being friends with them when he was arrested anyways. Also I realize that the side-view isn't perfect, but I was just trying to quickly show how the guns deploy rather than do a precise representation of the side of the sword.
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palguenumber3 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
actually, found this in the Rogue Trader game
ZAythAn wArblAde
Large and deadly chainblades, these two-handed swords are
wreathed with a flickering power field that significantly increases
their effectiveness. Favoured by the greatest clan warriors of the
city-engines of Zayth, these weapons are relics of a lost age, and
bear a resemblance to a number of advanced chainblades from
the very earliest days of the Imperium, fuelling theories amongst
Explorators of the ‘synchronism of the holy mechanism’ and
‘convergent design’. This weapon requires two hands to wield.

pretty powerful but in terms of some of the other weapons out there still not quite as powerful.

as for your weapon....ummm do you mean needle pistols? i'm sure the imps don't have Shuriken pistols, but needles pistols can actually do better (if used properly, raw power shuriken win)
Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
That is true about the needle pistol thing, however I'm not sure this weapon was designed with the most logic in mind...
Armel Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So it's the Mary Sue of weapons?
Great, fun concept and nice attention to details though ^^
Blaze-Drag Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Well it is supposed to be an ultimate sword type thing, and the characters that would be crafting/wielding it are the equivalent of 20th Level, but in Warhammer 40k; so this type of thing is eccentric, but fairly par for the course at that level power-wise. Besides, Warhammer is plenty silly already.

So yes, that is exactly what it is.
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July 8, 2013
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