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I just realized that I haven't updated my Journal in forever, and I figured that if I'm going to continue to do so, I'd at least prefer to have a more generic journal with less outdated information it it.



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Trindle 'Salvo' Salvador by Blaze-Drag
Trindle 'Salvo' Salvador
Oh hey, I didn't lie about coming back and doing a full-body! Although I did this much faster than I expected, but hey, I need the practice. This girl is a Tengu Gunslinger that carries a shotgun and a double hackbut, as well as insane amount of gunpowder at any given moment. Also I was only recently made aware that Salvo is a girl, but luckily for me, Tengu are bird people, and thus are completely androgynous.
Trindle Bust by Blaze-Drag
Trindle Bust
This is actually my friend's character in an upcoming Pathfinder game: Salvo the Tengu Gunslnger. I'll probably do a full body version later; this was just a random quick sketch for the fun of it.

I'm also still learning how to use my tablet fully, so this served as a nice little practice session.
Ninja Glenn by Blaze-Drag
Ninja Glenn
Another random quick sketch. This is actually a grippli Ninja character I'm playing in a Pathfinder game, and he's totally not based off of anything in particular... Especially anything related to pokemon or old-school SNES RPGs. He just sorta happens to have a long pink scarf (the most stealthy kind of scarf) and a white headband that I'm pretty sure is impossible to actually tie that way. After all his old companions include a Kitsune Witch named Daphne and a Oread Druid named Chester. 
Dust-Rifle/Staff by Blaze-Drag
Thanks to the recent video from RWBY finally explaining a little bit about what Dust actually is, I thought I'd try making a dust weapon along the lines of Weiss' rapier and such. However, a simple magical focus isn't enough for me, so I also made it a flamethrower. 

Rifle/Flamethrower/I Don't actually know what to call this thing... mode: The basic idea is that it has 4 large dust canisters that each contain one of the basic forms of dust; air, water, earth, and fire. The User can switch between the different types of dust to achieve different effects by activating different canisters to feed into the gun. It is also possible to combine 2 kinds of dust to achieve more varied effects; but the quick, improvised nature of the combination is less reliable and uses up dust faster than normal. A summary of how the rifle performs with each of the basic modes of dust:

-Fire: Uses a continuous stream of dust to generate a large cone of flame. Good for area attacks.
-Earth: Uses small amounts of dust to fire shots akin to more standard bullets. However larger amounts of dust can be use to fire larger, more powerful rounds. Essentially 
-Water (Ice): The rifle emits a supercooled mist that freezes into ice shortly after leaving the barrel. This can freeze areas of the ground, creating difficult terrain, or create rudimentary barriers for defense. 
-Air: Fire a blast of air that's good for knocking back foes. It can also be used to propel the user in the opposite direction, allowing for enhanced mobility. 

Mixing dust grants access to more elements, like a lightning blast that can combo well with the water element. I won't bother listing all the possible combos since how dust combines hasn't been revealed in detail in the show. 

Staff Mode: The spell-casting mode for the user. I won't go into much detail as to what spells can be cast since I don't actually have a character with a semblance lined up for this thing, but the general idea is that he can wield the staff to cast spells based on classical elemental magic. Fire spells for damage, Earth spells for battlefield control, etc. It'd probably be a lot like bending logic in Avatar. There is also a blade affixed to the top in case the user needs to defend themselves in melee and doesn't have time to cast a spell. 

While each mode uses dust at varying rates, generally it's still very efficient since even small amounts of dust can have drastic effects when used correctly, and due to the size of the dust canisters it's rare that they need to be reloaded even between battles unless the fight was particularly straining or long. It's common to not have to reload for days or weeks at a time.

Generally speaking, the reason for each mode is that one is based on the user's aura and semblance, while the other is purely mechanical. So for instance using the staff takes more skill and concentration, while using the rifle takes no additional effort beyond normal weapon use. The rifle form is also generally more controlled and consistent, at least when not mixing dust. The Rifle form is limited to only 1 specific use for each kind of dust, but can combine colors for additional effects, while the staff form allows the user to channel more varied spells with each color, but is limited to the most basic elements.

(Oh, the gauge at one end of the rifle shows the type of dust, or combination of dust that is currently loaded. In this case Earth since its canister is on the other side of the weapon)
Amaranthine Star by Blaze-Drag
Amaranthine Star
This one was actually based off of a suggestion from Reddit. Basically he wanted a greatsword that could launch a shuriken by swinging the blade.

Sword Form: Fairly standard Greatsword-type weapon

Secondary Form: The blades separate, allowing a shuriken stored at the base of the blade to be launched out using the force of the swing.

Shuriken: This is the most interesting part of the weapon. The Shuriken is attached to the sword via a cable that naturally extends up to 20m as the shuriken is launched from the blade. The Shuriken starts out in a collapsed form, then extends into a more standard weaponized form once it leaves the blade. The cable allows the shuriken to be retracted back into the sword after throwing it, and naturally the shuriken turns back into its collapsed form when doing so. The retraction can be stopped just before it gets back inside the blade and the shuriken used to extend the reach of your swings with the sword. If the shuriken catches an opponent, the retraction can be used to either pull the enemy towards you, or vice versa. The Shuriken can also be used as a grappling hook, angling the blades differently to maximize it's ability to catch ledges and the like.

The sword holds 2 spare shurikens and can detach the cable from the currently loaded shuriken if absolutely necessary. These spare are only used as emergency back-ups in the event that the main shuriken gets destroyed or caught and cannot be retracted or otherwise quickly retrieved.  

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