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I just realized that I haven't updated my Journal in forever, and I figured that if I'm going to continue to do so, I'd at least prefer to have a more generic journal with less outdated information it it.



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Blastmaster 3000 by Blaze-Drag
Blastmaster 3000
I uh... made a sound cannon... because reasons... 

So this is another RWBY-inspired weapon design. Unlike most of my other weapon concepts, which actually mostly make sense as weapons on their own to some degree, this one is designed to function in tandem with the user's semblance, like a mage-type weapon, except this person doesn't use glyphs. 

Semblance: The user's semblance is the ability to manipulate pressure waves, altering their direction and amplitude. However he can only manipulate the waves shortly after they are created, making the degree to which he can modify them fairly limited, and it requires him to have good timing. If his reactions are too slow, then he loses his short window that he can manipulate the wave, however the uses are still fairly varied when used properly. For example, he could manipulate an impact such as a normal punch, and make it feel like it was coming from a heavy-weight boxer. Or if an explosion goes off nearby, if he's fast enough he could lessen the pressure from the blast in his direction to make it survivable. But like I said, manipulating waves he didn't create is harder as it requires extremely good timing and reaction speed. Along with the semblance, the user also has a form of synesthesia called Chromesthesia: the association of sounds with colors. Basically he can 'see' music, which aids him in his ability to manipulate and aim sound.

Well now you probably were able to tell where this is going. Sound is simply a series of pressure waves, and using music as a weapon means that if he already knows the song, then he can have perfect timing to manipulate the blast. He has pre-arranged music at his disposal, as well as a synthesizer to generate music on the fly as needed, as different tones have different effects when amplified. For example the higher tones are like thin, sharp bullets; piercing through flesh easily, while the bassier tones are more like forceful impacts, but are able to more easily affect a larger area. As such the lower tones are better for knocking multiple enemies back, breaking armor, and destroying obstacles, while higher tones are better for more accurate, longer-ranged killing blows. 

And of course it transforms into a hammer as well ~so that he can drop the bass~ In this mode he focuses more on using the sound to propel the hammer, allowing for much faster swings, and in turn larger impacts, which can be amplified exponentially larger as well. As such this allows for moves like crater-slams, or a 'golf swing' that can send opponents flying.

Oh, and of course there's an overkill mode, because you can't have enough speakers.

One of the main advantages of this weapon is that it doesn't really take ammo, as it only needs electricity to function, a single charge lasting far longer than should be needed for even multiple battles. And even if a charge is needed, some yellow dust can easily refill the battery. However it does require near-constant use of the user's semblance in order to be effective, which can be straining over time. If a battle goes on for too long, he can easily start to tire out and have his attacks lose their effectiveness until he has time to rest and recharge. Not to mention that distractions and the like can ruin an attack if he loses focus.
Maxilla Draco by Blaze-Drag
Maxilla Draco
I decided I wanted to give the classic 'big sword with a gun on it' style another go since I felt my last attempt wasn't that great. 

Main: The default state of the weapon. The width helps block ranged attacks and provides light cover from area effects like small blasts. In this mode combat is mostly focused around either blocking attacks or using the weight of the weapon for crushing slashes.

Gun: 2 heavy caliber guns emerge from the blade, good for mid-range fire. They're slow-firing and have limited ammo, (not to mention I think I forgot to draw a way to reload it...) but they fire explosive rounds to maximize impact. The blade has a handle on it for a more stable grip when firing.

Saw: Well the blades retract over the main housing to reveal the chainsaw blade beneath. Obviously this runs off a limited amount of power, so it can't stay activated for very long without being able to recharge it every few battles or so. As opposed to the main mode, in this mode he uses the weight of the weapon to maximize contact with the beast to allow the chainsaw to go to town. This is typically used when the armor of the enemy is too tough for more 'traditional' attacks.

Also the chainsaw can be lit on fire with red dust. (not pictured)
Hidden Thorn: Dust revolver by Blaze-Drag
Hidden Thorn: Dust revolver
I was somewhat inspired by both Weiss' weapon, and also kobolds for this one.

The main line of thinking for this one is that the user's semblance would be similar to Weiss' but instead of having the glyphs basically act like spells, for this weapon they act like traps. So for example where Weiss can cast a fireball or ice spell at someone, this creates an invisible glyph somewhere that triggers based on proximity; so an ice shot from this would stick in the ground and wait for the target to walk near to it, then explode in a blast of ice to freeze the target in place. However each trap takes a few seconds to fully set itself, so it's important to lay out these traps ahead of time, or at least kite the enemy long enough for them to take effect.

The main part of the weapon is a normal revolver with 6 powerful shots meant to be used for general combat and self defense. Obviously the fun stuff is in the second chamber where 4 dust canisters are stored instead of bullets. The user can use more or less dust each time a trap is cast, and the more dust used, the more powerful the trap and the wider an area it covers. The types of dust and the traps they make are as follows:

*Fire: Basic damaging trap that causes a large explosion.
*Ice: Generally does little damage but freezes anyone near the trap when it goes off. Generally a smaller area of effect than the other traps unless more dust is used.
*Earth: Creates a large hole to be used as a pitfall trap. This one has some utility to it though as for instance it can be shot at walls or obstacles to create openings.
*Lightning: Largest area of effect with a strong electric burst. Generally non-lethal trap meant for subduing or weakening enemies. Also tends to bypass armor and other defenses.

Each trap takes several seconds to set up, so if shot directly at or near a target it will have no immediate effect. The main advantage of this delivery system is that traps can be set up at virtually any distance provided you can shoot it there. The gun is also relatively quiet when firing traps, which makes it perfect for ambushing Grimm and humans alike. 

Also I'm trying to come up with a symbol for this guy because I feel like the gun could use some more details. Like I said this was inspired by kobolds so maybe something related to that? I can't think of a good symbol for stealth and ambushing though...

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